Thursday, February 20, 2014

UNBELIEVABLE economy from my ST13 Pan European....

So I set out for Inverell from my place, and boasted to a few Members that I would do the trip WITHOUT REFUELLING!

I had a 2 litre jerry as emergency backup - as the trip is 500km!!!!

Here is the route....

Well, I rode with the group at the speed limit for most of the way, with a few overtakes that didn't exactly CONSERVE fuel - and ended up at Caltex Inverell with this on the clock....

The top number is the 'distance to empty' calc - so you can see that I could have covered  a theoretical 570kms ON ONE TANK!

Not bad for a (dry) 300kg V4 motorcycle! I had it loaded for a weekend away too.      

According to my end fuel docket, I put 24.86litres in her. This equates to 58mpg average over 511kms! (20.5 kms/litre)!

There was talk of if I had done the test 'scientifically' - 600kms may have been realised!

Cheers, Diesel

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