Monday, November 3, 2014

Marshalling at the Noosa Triathlon..

Did a bit of Marshalling at the Noosa Triathlon again this year...

Here are some shots of the event being set up - before the athletes came thundering through...

Here is my bike with her official tag...

It is can be quite nerve-wracking, going the wrong way around round-abouts, up the wrong side of the street over blind curves, riding along footpaths and through closed roads with police all around, and mixing it with the elite athletes - only inches from them whilst doing 60km/h!

I had a photographer on the back this time. Talk about the opposite of sitting still! - he was standing on the rear footpegs, and leaning right overboard to get the shots for his magazine!

All a lot of fun though.

It certainly keeps my practical motorcycle riding and control skills as sharp as a tack!


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  1. Do these triathletes have to do a session of weight-lifting as well as ride, swim and run??