Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adding Handlebar Risers to complement the Highway pegs....

Well I am 6'4" as you'll see at FarRide #15 and I'm also 85kgs.... okay okay!  105kg, but you can see that I ain't no Gardner, Doohan or Sheen frame.

This is why the pegs work so well for me. In conjunction with the new handle bar risers, they give me an extra combination of seating possies on the longer rides. Sort of turned my bike into a cruiser!

You can see the substantially different seating position. This does not include being able to put one leg forward on the hwy wing, and the other leg on the pillion pegs etc etc.

They are merely a (somewhat expensive but very well made) add-on farkle delivered from the States.

It has all culminated in giving me a lot more time in the saddle and enjoying the ride rather than hoping for the next stop to relieve good ol Monkey Butt!!

ST1300s are generally good for 460-520kms range if you behave yourself - means a while without reprieve if you ain't comfy.

Regards, Dave

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