Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adding on some Add-Ons....

When you do this to a motorcycle - it is commonly referred to as adding a 'farkle'.

This is a hybrid word made up from the two words  'function' and 'sparkle' as the farkle is generally of this nature. Some examples of 'farkling' include:

- GPS units
- Chrome handlebar weights
- Chrome side stand
- Heated grips
- Auxilliary runnning/visibility lights
- Power sockets
- Larger windshield
- Cup holder attachment
- Chrome headlight unit

And the list goes on. You can see that some items are more function, and some more sparkle.

We do this primarily to make the bike:

- look better
- perform better
- provide added comfort (aftermarket all day seat/saddle, larger windshield, heated hand grips)
- provide use of helpful riding aids (such as mounting a GPS, UHF CB, spot lights, or cruise control)

Now because I am 6'4" (193cm) tall and 85 kg.... okay, okay! 100kg, I found that I needed to bend my legs further than someone with duck's disease (and therefore they used to get sore) - so I ordered and fitted a set of handle bar risers, and these...

Highway Wings/Pegs...

Now I can fully extend my legs and stop any aching from having to keep the one position - much like if I was to get off the bike and stretch my legs out.

I'm never going back to not having them as they are too valuable to me as a LD (long distance) riding aid.

Lastly, the pegs gently 'click' into the closed or extended positions so the wind etc wont open/close them, but they'll fold in same as your footpegs if you entertain some serious banking angles and they strike the road - DAHIKT !!

Like a lass who has just purchased a pair of new shoes what doesn't hurt after 15 mins def hurts after 6 hrs! This generally means you have found a new problem waaaay out in whoop whoop,  that you didn't know existed at the end of your street!

I also had my seat raised a couple of inches by an upholsterer. One of the main whinges amongst ST owners is the standard (OEM) seat that was designed for this bike. Why oh why do they put such a ridiculously uncomfortable standard seat on such a capable LD Touring bike??? This is a problem the world over as people from many forums state the custom seat or Airhawk as one of the first things they changed to make the bike a little more user friendly.

I have published an extensive list of the farkles my ST1300 has fitted to her in a previous post, and as time goes by, new technology becomes available, or certain pieces of equipment are found to be a little wanting etc etc, so you inevitably end up changing the setup of the entire system slightly, or in a major way.

Some pics of my 'farkles'...

For instance - after doing many, many miles with what I thought was a reasonable LD touring setup, I found that the cables which attached to my helmet and motorcycle for communications, music etc, was a right royal pain in the ... behind. It caused distractions when it caught on the jacket. It was a bit of a pain to unclip when alighting from the machine, interfered with the Camelbak's fluid hose, and the camera tether kept getting wound around it, and when I wanted to have a good 'gander' behind me, if I didn't place the cord properly beforehand, I nearly garoted myself in a sharp reminder of my folly.

So I looked around to update to a blue tooth system (wireless). Trouble was - not many systems let you integrate a UHF CB Radio without spending big $$$$. After a lot of exhaustive research, I settled on a system, which I will detail in a later post.

Time for another good, long ride......

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