Friday, January 24, 2014

A Nice Day Out With Friends....

Sun was out, I'm on hols and I own an ST - nuff said.

I texted Beatup and Shiney to see if they wanted to join in for a coffee.

Ian couldn't, but Carrol and Dave were starters.        

We met at my place and left for the Mt Mee - Dayboro Rd to kick things off.

Stopped in at the Dayboro Bakery for essential fuels to keep us going.

Did the loop down towards Samford Village and along Winn Rd and back to Dayboro.

There was another coffee stop at "The Place 2B" near D'Aguilar - then back over the range towards Peachester for another loop along Commissioner's Flat Rd and back to Woodford Pub for a refreshing and frothy one.

Here is the route...

And that my friends, is why we ride with friends.

Thanks for a great day out!      

Cheers, Diesel

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