Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Hunt Begins.....

As I rode around, enjoying life and all it's pleasures, I realised that only a very small percentage of the bikes I saw coming the other way were Honda STs.

I thought that there must be plenty around, just not around at the same times and places I was.

I had registered as a member of a prominent ST Owners' forum in the US, and enjoyed the input/output that you get from like-minded enthusiasts, whom all speak the same language about the same type of motorcycle I rode.

I noticed the high level of enthusiasm for getting together at cafes, pubs, campsites, days out, and any other social intercourse involving the getting-together of members of the group.

The stories, reports, accounts and photos of such events was very entertaining to read, and made me want to join in the fun - so I decided to get some of the STs in my area together and make new, like-minded friends to boot.

I found an email group that was the tail-end of an old, old website based here in Australia that I signed up for. I made a few friends there and enjoyed everyone's company.

The active membership needed a boost however, as the few members who frequented this group - were dispersed far and wide around the country, and apart from discussion, there was no other formal activity from members.

So I began ST hunting...

If I saw another ST parked somewhere - even if I was in the car (cage) at the time, I would stop and run over to the bike, and place my contact details on it and try to get its owner to register on the email group to join in discussions. This swelled the membership numbers as new members knew a mate with one, or had seen one down the street etc, and before long we had quite a busy little 'chat group' going.

I think you'd call it a 'successful hunt'.