Thursday, December 6, 2012

Part 5 - Diesel's Spring Clean and Rewiring Project - Headlight Cut Out Bypass Switch Installation

Fitting the Headlight Cut-out Bypass Switch

With HID Lighting, it is said that they don't much like stopping and starting up again - but give longer life and better perfomance if they are able to be left on - much like flourescent lighting in office buildings.

Like many bikes, the ST1300 Pan European is set to have her headlights come on with the ignition, but then cuts power to them whilst the starter is being engaged, only to power the lights on again when the starter is released - giving that on-off-on pattern. (This is the case for Australian models at least - other countries may vary).

After much talking with two very good OzSTOC friends of mine and electronics genii to boot - Mal and Brock - they sent me over from Perth W.A., a mini loom that intercepts the current to the side stand - and this can be put through a relay on the headlight circuit.

The end result is that the headlight will stay off until the side stand is folded away. This in turn switches the headlights on.

It involves wiring this relay a particular way...

 This great little mod allows me to turn on the ignition and wait for the FI light to go out and the fuel pump to prime before I hit it with the cranking power drain.

Thanks guys for a great piece of help.

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